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Naaya Clay pendant lights over kitchen island

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We love what we do, more than anything else, we love challenges. Our ability with clay and skill in shaping them to any form can produce unthinkable results that can give stunning accent to your business or home. With special trade only pricing, not only can you pick up already made ceramic lamps and customize their appearance, but you can share your vision and we will create lamps from first sketches to fulfill your requirements. We are also rolling in Franchise opportunities.

Be part of our growth!


You are part of community!

As much as we love designing our products, we would love them to be a part of your design story. So, take them out from our design studio to the lofty heights of your design and we will share a part for your help.


You can earn referral fee (10 - 25% based on project size) with the help of coupons that are exclusive to you. 


Custom Manufacturing  
Have design in mind? As long as its primary material is clay/ceramic, we will make it happen. With inhouse team of experts in design and manufacturing and UL compliance certification. you can count on us. We will create pieces based on your designs and make sure it is functional in terms of lighting. So, give yourself the flight that you always wanted to, when it comes to lighting.
Note: We do not do contract manufacturing and your own logo cannot be integrated in lamps. Lamps cannot be resold/rebranded. (We request you to kindly consider Design Copyright Violation Laws before approaching us for custom design)  
Customize Existing Design
Want bigger, smaller, longer, shorter or any of our existing designs? No problem, just let us know and we will start working right away!
Lighting Design Services 
Have seen something? Have design in mind? Bring it to us and we will create what you want, from first sketches to integrated rendering to final manufacturing. You will be happy that you chose us because of the sheer number of existing original designs that we have speaks for itself. (Please note that our expertise lies in clay/ceramics, however small metal/wood parts can be integrated into design)
Small MOQ size for Lighting
Talked in some other country and they said you needed to order 10000 pieces? With batch size less than 12, (depends of piece size) - now you are start talking to us even for the smallest of your projects without spending an earth on just customization and ordering pieces that you never need. 

Talk to us, and we will help you realize your dream project! Send us a mail at sales(at)



As one of the growing communities in the lighting industry across the world, Naaya Studio is seeking qualified Franchisees to bring the Naaya’s brand of handmade elegance to the interiors community. We are looking franchisees from US and Europe. If you are in lighting/interior business and have space for retail display with a minimum area of 1000 sq. ft., you are welcome to connect with us for the unique franchise program.

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