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We are the House of Designers, Artists and Potters that strive to bring innovation, elegance and sustainability in home, lighting and lifestyle.

About Naaya Studio

Founded in May of 2019, India's first and only ceramic lighting studio is based in Bangalore, India. A mark of craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability! We have developed the complete in-house process of pottery craftsmanship from the first sketch to the final photography of the piece to bring the most exclusive and eye-catching ceramic lighting ever.

What drives us


Inspired by ordinary things and nature which transforms into beautiful lamps. Carefully handcrafted in a uniquely innovative method - a blend of old art of pottery, painting, decor and advance current technology.

Design & Form

Our emphasis is always on basics. We strongly believe design is more about form and shape and not graphics (color, texture, finish) which can always be added later.

Simplicity & Minimalism

Simplicity is the most challenging to find.  With our Products, whether it is Design, Finish, Color or Accessories, we believe in one philosophy - Less is More.


Belief in a sustainable world where everyone thrives on a healthy planet.

How it all started..

The dream was simple. 


Hi! We are Neeraj and Nitu, a couple with a passion for creativity and innovation — makes us happy. Neeraj is designer by profession with 20 years of experience in Product & Automotive design (and hold 2 Master's degree in design – one in Product design and second in Automotive design) and Nitu is a business school graduate-cum-artist (worked in the banking industry).

After almost 10 years stint in corporate life, we both wanted to build our own business. Our background in design, access and knowledge of technology, and quest to do something unique inspired us to look beyond and innovate, and that is when we bumped into clay two years ago. At the start, we went all the way to learn pottery the traditional way (read it wheel way) but soon we realized clay is one of the most amazing material from design perspective and shapes, need not be always ‘circle’.

It took us almost a year to figure things out with clay and mass production of clay. After several challenges, We, created ‘Naaya’ with our first range of lights – Origami and Skylight. With our quest to continuously improve, today, Naaya studio offer more than 150 designs exclusively in ceramic – A feat not achieved by many, considering the fact that we started just a year and half back (as on Oct 2020). As designers, we love the fact that how fast we can bring the ideas into reality with clay (believe us when we say this, because some of the automotive designers never see their creations in life even after their entire career in industry).

We truly believe in the transformative power of simplicity and sustainability which draws inspiration to create some of the most exquisite designs of lamps combined with utility, ingenuity and craftsmanship. This is your place to deep dive into all lamps that are different, non-round, round, elegant, simple, faceted, folded…. in other words, everything Naaya!

Pendants     Flush/Semi-flush      Chandeliers      Wall light     Table/Floor lamps

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