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ceramic lamps in the studio

Shop without worries..

We understand

Due to fragile nature of our products, probably one of the biggest worries is the damage, not only during transit, but also storage, installation, or handling at your end. Rest assured, we will cover you at every stage..

This is how we can help!

What happens if the lights are damaged during transit (shipping)?

We have success rate of 98% which means only 2% of our buyers face this issue, nonetheless, it does exist, By chance if you happen to be one of those among that 2% , we always have the next piece ready absolutely free of cost. All we request is check your package within 30 days of delivery and take photos of box as well as lamp and send it to us. We will send you replacement of lamp with all the fittings as per your original order. 

Note: No need to return the broken/cracked pi

What if I or handyman damages the light during installation?

We do understand that things can go wrong any time, there can be project delays, things can fall on these, may be you had a clumsy handyman or any accident whatsoever. Just share photos of the damaged lamp and we will send you FREE one-time replacement of lamp with fittings as per your original order.


Note: Shipping cost to be borne by you & refund is not an option.

Are the lamps covered under warranty?

We stand by our product quality. Almost everything from electricals to the paint job/surface finish and any other manufacturing defects are covered under full replacement warranty for the period of 1 year from the date of delivery. 


Feel free to get in touch in case you have more queries at

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