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Clay pendant lights in living room

Care & Maintenance

All lamps are made of natural clay and are either fired to cone O4 (1062 C) which makes it resistant to almost any chemical or weather.

Bisqued Lights

Dusting and cleaning can be done using damp cloth. It is normal for the bisque pieces to go darker in colour when it comes in contact with water; it will return to its original colour as water dries. Make sure no oil or grease comes in contact with bisque pieces as it leaves permanent stain. In case, it happens, apply a thin layer of liquid soap locally and wipe it with cloth drenched in lukewarm water. Let it dry and repeat the entire process till you barely see the stain when dry. 

Cold finished Lights

The surface coat of cold finished pieces is prepared using matte paint and, lacquer is applied on top of the matte paint. Since, the base is bisque, all the above rule applies. In general, the finish will easily last for years with absolutely no change. Please avoid prolonged direct sunlight on the cold finished pieces. Cleaning can be done using damp cloth as all the colours and finishes are waterproof. Do not scrub the cold finished surfaces. In case you stain the surface with oil or grease, use thin liquid soap with water, wet the cloth and wipe it clean. Keep the process gentle by using mild soap multiple times (and letting the surface dry intermittently) instead of heavy soap.

Feel free to get in touch in case you have more queries. 

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